طراحی داخلی و اجرای دکوراسیون داخلی
Interior design and execution of interior decoration


What is landscaping?

Providing a regular and complete definition of landscaping can be a good introduction to this article and how landscaping. In general, landscaping is the architecture of the exterior and exterior of the building. In fact, it can be said that the same taste and elegance that is used in interior design is also used in the architecture of the exterior and the exterior of the building or its landscaping.

Landscaping gives a special effect and beauty to your house or villa and allows you to use the outside space of your house or villa, as well as its outdoor space and enjoy the long summer and spring nights and cool and rainy nights of autumn and Taste winter well. But to do this, you may need guidance and knowledge of the landscaping process and want to know how you can landscaping and what changes you can make to make the best of a landscaping in the outdoor space of your home or villa.

So join us in this article to give you suggestions that will open your mind to start a landscaping project and come up with creative ideas to beautify your garden or backyard.

What to do for landscaping?

It is good to know what changes you can make to the exterior of your building for a more basic and beautiful landscaping, or in other words, to know what items you have for landscaping.

1. Landscaping with flowers and plants

Planting plants that are uniform and suitable for the space is one of the important measures in landscaping and is one of the factors that increase the beauty of the space many times over. So with a beautiful design in the environment and creating a special space for planting plants, you can do a part of the landscaping project of the outdoor space of your house or villa.

2. Landscaping by creating separate spaces

One of the most interesting advantages of landscaping is that with a special design, you can create separate spaces in the environment, each of which, in addition to making the environment look different, will give you a separate user. For example, you can turn part of your yard or garden into non-level spaces with special decorations.

3. Landscaping with a pavilion

One of the most commonly used items in landscaping is the use of pavilions with different designs in the garden or yard. Pavilions are one of the most popular landscaping options. In addition to the beauty of the pavilions, they also create more comfort for the occupants of the house.

4. Landscaping with pools

Building a pool in the garden and yard is one of the most luxurious options that is applied during the landscaping project. It can be said that landscaping is popular with some of its options, which are one of the most popular pool landscaping options. Usually, building a swimming pool that fits the overall space of the building can be one of the most attractive activities in landscaping your home or villa. Especially if your home is a private villa.

5. Landscaping with fountains

Another option in landscaping, which has been one of the most popular and widely used items in landscaping in recent years, is to install fountains that are placed in a corner of your yard and show you the water fall with special shapes with a special effect. Fountains are usually not just a game of water, but can be a kind that with attractive lighting and musical properties to create a different and pleasant atmosphere in the space.

6. Landscaping with barbecueIt

May be interesting to have a fixed place in a corner of your backyard or garden that is dedicated to grilling and having dinner during your periods. There are many types of barbecues and they are one of the most popular items in landscaping. If you have enough space in your yard or garden, you can also set up a compact table and chairs near your barbecue area so that you can easily set up your lunch or dinner sessions.

7. Landscaping with lighting

To be honest, lighting completes the landscaping project. Experience has shown that any landscaping with a correct and principled lighting has a more beautiful and stylish image that has not been comparable to simpler landscaping.

You can easily use lighting in any part of your landscaping and see the very desired result. For example, lighting on the main walls of the yard, lighting at the entrance from the courtyard door to the building entrance door, lighting at the pool or pavilion. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to make your landscaping look more stylish.

The above are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to enhance your home’s exterior. Of course, it should be noted that the changes that take place in landscaping are not limited to these cases and have a high diversity.

For example, in more specific examples of landscaping, there are examples in which even simulated streams and small ponds have been created. As mentioned earlier, landscaping has a variety of options, but what matters is how much budget you want to spend on landscaping your home or villa. Because each item that you add to your yard landscaping will cost you a separate fee.

Therefore, in order to have a desired landscaping in the outdoor space of your building and to save yourself from the trap of higher costs, we suggest that you first consider the budget that you have set aside for this work and the space that you have, the most suitable Choose options for your landscaping. Suitable options are options that are both practical and add to the beauty of the space, and at the same time are not extra and unused.

Building design is a coherent and systematic program that tells engineers and architects what features a building should have in the form of a detailed plan. We all know that buildings that are built in different parts of the world are different in terms of materials. Wooden, brick, concrete, steel and prefabricated composite structures are examples of the most common buildings in the world. There are also conditions for designing the construction of a villa. You can see all kinds of buildings in different parts of Iran. Depending on the weather conditions and the urban and rural context, there are examples of different types of building design in Iran similar to different parts of the world. From classic-style architecture to modern architecture or other common architectural styles, everything is included in a building design program. One of the most important words in a building design program is called “building plan design”. Plan design is very important in its kind for construction projects. In fact, it is impossible to start a construction project without a plan for a building. How can engineers start a project without having a detailed plan that identifies the location of a building? In the continuation of this section, we will get acquainted with building design, building plan design and the most important practical points in these two topics.

What is building plan design?

Building plan design is one of the disciplines related to architecture and construction. Engineers working in the field of plan design, draw all the information of a structure with a specific use on the map. The final plan provides detailed information of all the details to the construction engineers. In fact, what the building plan introduces is an outline based on which the building can be implemented. Each part of the building plan has a series of specifications and features; Building plan design is one of the most important parts of building design. To design a building plan professionally, you need the help of experienced experts in this field. You may also prefer to outsource the design of the plan to a specialized collection. In any case, the experts in building design on the First House website have provided this opportunity for activists in the field of contract construction, contract management, building design and the like. If you want to design a special plan for the building or you want to get a custom plan design for the building, you can submit your request through the building design section on the first site of the house.

What are the most important parts of plan design in building design?

1. In designing the building plan, private and public spaces are specified

One of the most important parts of building design is to have regular, private and public spaces in the plan. In each section, by drawing different lines, private spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms and public spaces including kitchen, living room, entrance door, bathroom, balcony or terrace, etc. should be specified.

2. In designing the building plan, stairs or elevators are necessary

In the other part, to design the plan, you must carefully specify the location of the stairs and elevators. Elevators are not required for single-storey buildings and villa buildings; But for multi-unit residential complexes and even shopping malls, it is necessary to determine the exact location of the elevator. This is necessary for stairs in both residential and commercial buildings.

3. Paying attention to the entrance door of the building in the design of the building

Paying attention to the building entrance door in building design One of the most important points in building design in the plan design section is paying attention to the building entrance door. In most modern buildings, the entrance door of the building leads to a corridor where the entrance of the kitchen can be installed. The importance of considering the right position for the kitchen is, in fact, access to adequate lighting and ventilation.

4. Paying attention to the position of the columns in the plan design

Another important design feature of the plan is that it determines the number of columns required for each building. The pillars of the building, especially in multi-unit complexes, continue throughout, even in the parking lot. Thus, if multi-unit complexes need to divide the floor space to determine the location of the car park in the parking lot, the number and size of the columns will be important.

5. Arrangement of interior furniture in building plan design

Another important part of designing a building plan is showing the exact location of the furniture, fixtures and fixtures. In this way, customers who buy a building plan or people who need a special design for their building, with this method, can certainly imagine the final design in their minds.

Why outsource building design services to companies?

The question may arise for you that if we can draw a simple plan of a typical plan of what we intend on paper, why it is necessary to get the services of plan design, building design, from experienced companies do?! To better understand the importance of these construction companies’ services, it may be best to talk more about contracting services or contract management. As a customer who intends to build a residential building and a villa, you are not familiar with the intricacies and subtleties of building design. Even if you have basic information about construction projects and drawing, you still do not have specialized and up-to-date knowledge and you certainly can not carry out construction in a modern and contemporary style. If so, each family could build their own construction projects! In this case, all processes would be impossible and undesirable. Construction contractors and building design experts will help you manage the cost of the entire project in addition to having a great building plan; Costs that can be related to the purchase of materials and initial design, construction equipment, workers’ wages, participation and contracting costs, unwanted and imposed costs and the like. If you are thinking of managing a construction project, we suggest using contracting, building design and consulting services in these areas. A contractor is required to make the entire project transparent to you from start to finish. Building design is an important part that the company covers. Clients of construction projects or companies partnering with building designers are all pursuing the same goal; And that is to build a beautiful building with a unique exterior and interior.

What are the first services of a house in building design?

If you are looking for a building plan or want to draw a specific plan for what you have in mind, we suggest that you contact the first house consultants before starting the construction project or any contract with the contractor. The services of this website are in the field of building design, building plan design, pricing of villa construction projects, buying and selling villas in the north. The whole effort of the first specialized team of the house is to make your goals and plans in the field of construction a reality.

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