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Reuniqe started its activities in 2017 based on the experience and history of huge projects that its members had done in the last 16 years and before the formation of Reuniqe Group, under the management of Mr. Amir Abdollahzadeh Milani. From the very beginning, he has great goals in mind, some of which he has achieved to this day with the grace and care of God and the efforts of Reuniqe agents.

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Roof garden

Roof garden or green space on the roof is generally referred to as a place where green space has been implemented on the roof.

Rebar planting

Rebar implantation is an operation used to strengthen, modify dimensions and add a new member to a concrete structure.

Room Garden

Roman Garden has no equivalent in English; That’s why we decided to consider the phrase room for a sunny garden.


In general, landscaping is the architecture of the exterior and exterior of the building.

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