History Reuniqe

Reuniqe started its activities in 2017 based on the experience and history of huge projects that its members had done in the last 16 years and before the formation of Reuniqe Group, under the management of Mr. Amir Abdollahzadeh Milani. From the very beginning, he has great goals in mind, some of which he has achieved to this day with the grace and care of God and the efforts of Reuniqe agents.

About Reuniqe

Reuniqe bases his philosophy on two concepts: modernity and uniqueness; Hence, everything that is done in Reuniqe is derived from these two concepts. Because for the Reuniqe group – regardless of all the economic and social concerns of today – this philosophy is practical and enforceable, and the two concepts are not intertwined, but are completely intertwined for the Reuniqe team.
It is important to reiterate that the word renovation for Reuniqe does not mean mere reconstruction or rework. Construction with creative ideas is a more meticulous concept than this philosophy.

Why Reuniqe

Those who have worked with Reuniqe well understand this feature. Creative ideas and creating a simple, beautiful and unique atmosphere are the characteristics of Reuniqe. There are no two projects in Reuniqe that are similar or different from each other. When it comes to performing a specific task according to the customer’s budget, Reuniqe has a lot to say.

Certificate Reuniqe
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