renovation and reconstruction of the building

Interior design and execution of interior decoration

Interior decoration with a wide range to which new basins are added every day is in fact a very comprehensive field that requires a lot of information in various fields. Art is one of the principles of decoration that we need to decorate an environment, however, art with all its scope meets only part of the needs of a decoration project.

Ricoh Group with experienced staff in the field of interior design and interior decoration, environment design as well as home renovation and renovation can be with you to provide a special decoration and different design for your shop, company, even your residence or villa in 3D to see It is better to have the work done before the execution and we will help you in the field of execution so that the requested plan will be executed efficiently.

Interior design and interior decoration services

+ Renovation of the house and execution of interior decoration of residential, commercial, office and…
+ Three-dimensional design of home interior decoration
+ Design the interior decoration of the store and shop
+ Three-dimensional design of green space
+ Building facade design
+ Structural design of architect projects

Maybe we should know psychology for a beautiful design of decoration. We need to know that the beauty of objects is only shown to its fullest and is understood in the environment when everything is in place. For example, if we want to use color in the reconstruction of a space, a color may be seen in a beautiful environment. It is unpleasant in another environment, and this good or bad feeling does not depend on the nature of the color, but on its placement and harmony with its surroundings. Sometimes black is the most beautiful color and sometimes white is the ugliest color of the environment.

This is also true in our use of different materials. Sometimes we have to use stone, sometimes wood or iron or thousands of different materials and materials, and this art is a designer who with his knowledge can put together different materials that in some cases are in conflict with each other in a beautiful way. To become part of a single subject.

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